How to charge

You can watch the video instruction on how to charge your electric car using eMallorca charging points. Watch more videos on our YouTube Chanel.

User manual for using the eMallorca fast station

1. Make sure your car is on.

2. Open the car’s charging socket and take off the protection covers.

3. Plug in the charger cable. 

4. Pay for the charging in the separate terminal that is located nearby. For this you need to choose the right name of the station that is written on the charging station and to choose the right side you are charging from. For example you choose: “Start charging” -> “Tania left”. Now the car starts to charge. 

5. To stop the charging you need to choose in the terminal the button “Stop charging” and the right name of the charging station and the side you were charging from. For example: “Stop charging” -> “Tania left”. When asked whether to stop charging, press the button “Yes”. Now the charging stopped. 

6. Unplug the charger cable and place it back into the charging station.

7. Put back the socket covers and close the lid.

Here you will find detailed instructions for charging your specific electric vehicle. Find your car model in the list and follow the link to the video tutorial. For your convenience, the list has been sorted alphabetically.