Hotel Comodoro Playa

We are in the process of testing all of our charging stations to make sure they work perfectly and you can charge your electric car easily.

Map of our charging stations for your electric car, which are under construction


And this is the location of Hotel Samos, our recently completed facility in Magaluf, Calvià.  


Nothing makes us happier than seeing the progress on our incredible Mega-Charging-Hub in Son Fuster. 


We are still at 100% with a very clear objective in mind. To make the island of Mallorca a clean, green and sustainable island. That is why we continue working on the construction of the mega-charging-park in Son Fuster.  

Our incredible installation in Son Fuster is taking shape, in a short time we will have it finished and you will  be able to enjoy this wonderful Mega-Charging-Park.

Next step in Son Fuster on Wednesday 8th of March, Mega-charging-park.

The CEO of eMallorca Technology, Markus Dold is now in Japan, testing the future and looking for new electrical ways.

And the last step in Hotel Samos, Magaluf is done. 

Our magnificent team has finished the installation of 4 super chargers in Magaluf.

This is our new installation in Son Fuster. Our colleagues from Amer company are preparing the ground to pave and lay our magnificent mega-electric park on it. 

Our next step in Hotel Samos, our amazing team has dug out channels where the pipes will be laid for the cables to pass through. 

The presentation of electric vehicle fleet services "eRent a car" took place in our wonderful charging station in Algaida, in the island's château-vino on 14th February 2023. 

We are making the next step in Hotel Samos, in Magaluf.

And here is the amazing progress. 

First Step of the news Super-Fast-Chargers in MAGALUF, Mallorca.

Our team have started with the installation of the news super-fast-chargers in Hotel Samos,  Magaluf.

Construction 6 super-fast-chargers Algaida.

Construction Super-Fast-Chargers, Algaida.

One of our first installations in Mallorca was in the wonderful Château, Vino de las Islas, Algaida. With a total of 6 super-fast chargers. 

Forthcoming MegaCharger Park, Son Fuster.

A project not too far away that will mark  before and after in the self-consumption and electricity sector is the construction of a magnificent Mega-Charging-Park in Son Fuster.

To make Mallorca a better island, a green island.

In spite of the installed network, our idea is to continue to grow, making this wonderful island a fully sustainable and self-sufficient island.